Why Choose Us

We aim to bring a higher service quality to the rental service industry in Ghana, and have designed our services around your needs.

Great Support

Whether you need information or technical assistance, we're always here to help and delight.

Efficient Service

On a budget? We will help you determine the best rental solution for your needs.

Customer Rewards

Register your company with us and enjoy great deals on all your rental needs.

Superb Maintenance

Our vehicles are the apples of our eye. We care for them with the tenderness of a parent.


Rental Packages

Dropoff service

Timely pickup from airport to hotel and back.

Weekly & Monthly Rental

We offer weekly and monthly rentals for a longer stay. Shorter durations are also covered.

Special Events

Planning a wedding, engagement or other event? We'll provide transportation in sync with your plans.

Our Vehicles

Some highlights from our impressive fleet